WELCOME TO J'S Perfumery

I am a retired international sports women with a love of perfumes. I am a student of perfumes and hope one day that I will achieve the accolade of master. I have studied The Art of Perfumery and have gain invaluable knowledge of the history of perfumes and the creation. Whilst many may think creating a perfume is just blending a bunch of ingredients and it’s ready in a day, this is so far from the truth.

Whether you are blending synthetic or natural oils you need to give your blends time to break and fuse together before you think you have something that has stance and Longevity. My study was a long and at times painful experience but well worth completing.

Here at J'S LUXURY PERFUMERY we have over 300 fragrances, male/female and unisex.

In our portfolio we have Bath, Body, Hair care and home fragrance collections

Our fragrances have depth and longevity which is what is expected of a perfume, no alcohol, no fillers, just fragrance! I don’t need to trash another supplier’s product to make mine shine the quality speaks for itself.

Just a little drop can last up to 24 hrs. These flasks are the perfect travel companion, “can't bring your favorite scent with you?” You have arrived at the right place, the flasks are slim and stylish perfect to fit into your purse, handbag or pocket.

Happy Shopping!!!!!!

Perfumes by JK