I am a retired international sports women with a love of perfumery, and was a regular competitor for Greatbritain and England during my 30 year athletic career. I am now studying Perfumery with the The Art of Perfumery School learning how to make Natural Perfumes.

J’S LUXURY PERFUMERY specialises in Designer type perfume oils. I started from humble beginnings working with a handful of fragrances developing and blending, but as my business grew and expanded I had to partner up. Now I am able to add new fragrances to my collection with ease and speed which leaves more time for me to develop my own signature collections.

We offer over 300 fragrances, covering male/female and unisex. We also have bath, body, and hair care and home fragrance collections, cruelty, paraben and phthalate free.

All products are carefully blended for maximum results. Our fragrances have depth and longevity which is what is expected of a perfume, no alcohol, no fillers, just fragrance! I don’t need to trash another supplier’s product to make mine shine the quality speaks for itself.

Our concentrated oils are not offensive or overpowering, just a little drop is needed that can last up to 24hrs depending on your skin type. Our Perfume oils are a perfect travel companion, “can't bring your favourite scent with you because of its size?” You have arrived at the right place, the flasks are slim and stylish perfect to fit into your purse, handbag or pocket. So what are you waiting for? Come and make your selections and just let if Fragrance!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!!!

Perfumes by JK