J's Luxury perfumery perfume oil Collection

J's Luxury Blends

Top quality designer alternatives for Men Women and Unisex - 0.5 ml Samplers -15ml sleek roll-on flasks.

J's Luxury Body Products

J's Luxury Body Collection

Luxurious Body Butters, Creams and milk
  • Whipped Shea Body Butter
  • Premium Body Butter
  • Rich Moisturizing Body lotion
  • Shea butter body lotions
  • Body Milk
  • Luxurious lip balm (sugar-free)
  • Scented hand sanitizer

Lauretta Larix Perfumes

Maybe Perfume collection

Designer Alternatives

Perfumes by Lauretta Larix, up to 24% Perfume oil Long lasting fragrances for Men & Women
J's Luxury Bath Collection

J's Luxury Bath Collection

  • Shea Butter Body Wash,
  • Shower Gel, 
  • Body Salts
  • Bath bombs
  • Bar Soaps (Shea butter/Clear/Opaque/Goats Milk

SerOne Perfumes

SerOne Perfumes

Designer Alternatives

Perfumes by SerOne, up to 20% Perfume oil Long lasting fragrance.  Cheap and cheerful everyday fragrances

Perfume Air Freshener

J's Luxury Room Fresheners

New car smell and a choice of your favorite perfume fragrance.
  • Perfume scented Incense sticks
  • Gel/Parrafin/Soy Wax Tea Lights
  • Gel/Parrafin/Soy Wax candles
  • Car/Office & Home Air Fresheners (perfume scented)
  • Ceramic Dice Burner
  • Gel/Parrafin/Soy Melts